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3 colour trends to watch in 2020

Find out what to expect in the world of colour this year.

While colours don’t change overnight when the bells strike midnight on 31 December, there are shifts and developments that can almost come to define each year. The last year has been dominated by bright vivid, almost electric colours, neons and continued use of duotones and colour gradients. 

While some classic colour palettes are here to stay, there are many design settings that will see new tendencies in the new year – both in the colours that designers use and the way they use them. Here we run through three colour trends to keep a keen eye on in 2020.

01. Yellow/Black Combo

02. Jet Black

03. Navy

Not so much a colour, you might say but a lack of it, but dark colours are going to be influencing colours decisions across the board this year.

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