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What is difference between a Bed Sheet and Bed Spread Article.

What is Bed Sheet?

A bed sheet is a rectangular piece of cloth which we use either singly or in a pair as bedding. We place it immediately below or above bed occupants. We use bed top sheet, in the many countries, as a flat sheet, fitted sheet or valance.

Bed Sheets come in different styles, explore our range of bed sheets and get good quality bedding that lasts, whether you are looking for fitted bed sheets with elasticated corners, or flat sheets for perfect folding and tucking, we have an impressive variety of colours and sizes from simple whites, greys and blacks, to bright yellows, reds and ochre, to suit your bedroom decor and match your needs. If it’s luxury, comfort and elegance you are looking for we recommend treating yourself to the Hotel 100% Egyptian cotton fitted or flat sheet.

Bed Sheets Super soft and Comfortable

We offer a selection of brushed cotton sheets, as well as high quality brands such as Dorma for a true sense of luxury and indulgent softness. You may also enjoy the versatile properties of our flannelette or cotton sheets, designed to keep you cool during the hotter months yet warm once the weather becomes colder. For that Mediterranean feel, how about trying our range of linen bed sheets? Or for ultimate luxury, our satin bed sheets or even our silk bed sheets.

You can put a stop to ill-fitting bedding and late night scrambles with our range of deep fitted sheets. Perfect for those with a topper or thicker mattress to make sure everything stays tucked in tight. If you still like to do things the traditional way, explore our range of flat sheets. They are available in all popular sizes.

Size Availability

As you’d expect we offer all of our fitted sheets in popular sizes. These are including single, small double, double, queen size, king size, and super king size. You can also create a sumptuous sleeping place for your baby or toddler, with our range of kid’s bedding. Use our range of flannelette sheets to ensure your little ones get a peaceful night sleep on the softest material.